PCB Layout

ASIC Design

We can undertake Analogue and Digital layout for most complexities of design and we have extensive experience in the layout of RF and Microwave designs. 

We can offer a flexible PCB Layout service, schematic netlist data can be customer supplied,  or we can create the schematics for you.  We can support most PCB CAD  formats.

Our additional services include:
  • BOM data creation.
  • BOM  procurement. 
  • PCB manufacture through one of our partner companies.
  • PCB assembly through one of our partner companies.

Sometimes it can be advantageous to reduce component count and thus reduce PCB area, with the benefit of the cost savings. The simplest way to do this is to take existing circuit functionality and incorporate it onto a single device. Then, of course, obsolescence of key parts can lead to the need for alternative approaches in the design of a circuit function.

In these examples there can be a need to achieve an ASIC solutuion,  we can undertake a full IC design service from circuit concept to packaged parts. We have produced several designs at this point, and feel this gives us a strong capability in helping our customers achieve solutions to these problems.
From our experience, dependent on process and complexity, developing a custom solution need not be an overly expensive exercise.

Contact us for further information on what we can offer.

Board Level Design

Analogue ASIC Layout

For details on our board level design capability contact us using the email address below

We can undertake Analogue layout and use Mentor® Tanner EDA tools for this purpose.